On Games

No, no, no! You’re not supposed to click on this page! Why did I go through all the trouble of adding drop-down menus if  you’re just going to click on it? What the hell is wrong with you. Go back and try again!

star trek ipad
“Is this guy insulting me while I’m trying to read his blog? What a dick!” – Picard…probably.

Well since you’re here, you might as well pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. You can find all the games I’ve covered on my blog under the different subpages that should drop down when you place your mouse over the ”
“On Games” page header. If you don’t see the drop-down subpages, then clearly I fucked up somewhere and you should send me an email at:


You can also use that email address if you have a game whose story you’d like me to analyze.

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