Bioshock: Infinite

Followed almost immediately by a preacher drowning you. Not exactly subtle, but it gets the point across.

What the Hell Just Happened

An overview of the story and speculation on its mysterious ending.

Forgive my Infinite Sins

An article on the underlying message of Bioshock Infinite and the symbolism involved.

Drowning in Columbia

A closer look at the symbolism of Water, Baptism and Drowning found throughout the game.

Bioshock: Rapture vs Columbia

An in-depth look at the political and socioeconomic themes explored in the Bioshock and how they compare with those seen in Infinite.

Bioshock: Sins and Revelations

The concluding article on Bioshock: Infinite, examining the faults and missteps taken during the narrative

Burial at Sea Parts 1 and 2

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