Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda

My series of articles on the disappointing follow-up to Mass Effect 3, which shares many of the same faults as Dragon Age: Inquisition but to an even worse degree.


All That Matters is the Ending

The main article on Andromeda’s storytelling failures focusing on Ryder’s poor dialogue, unfocused narratives, and an ultimately unearned ending.

Wrex versus Drack

A comparison of how Wrex was introduced in the original Mass Effect and how Drack is introduced in Mass Effect: Andromeda. An excellent showcase of what an experienced storyteller can do compared to a novice.


The Importance of Family

Family is one of the fundamental building blocks of life, and yet it’s one that is completely and utterly ignored by Mass Effect: Andromeda.


The Pathfinder

The Ryder’s nepotism could have made for a fascinating story, but instead it’s completely ignored and the Pathfinder is treated like a messiah by everyone he meets.


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