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I’ve been writing for the Writer’s Block and as a freelance writer for just over five years now, starting back in 2011 when I decided to make a professional career out of my writing. I’ve always loved stories, both experiencing them and telling them, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than a good story. Well except dissecting bad stories, which I do fairly often on my blog, whether it be the awful ending of Mass Effect 3 or the ridiculous convolutedness of the latest season of True Detective.

If you’d like to hire me for corporate and business writing, you can find examples of my work at:

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If you’d like a video game reviewed, there’s a much higher chance of my reviewing them if you can gift them to me via Steam or Good Old Games.

Steam ID: Wolf_Raider88

Good Old Games: You’ll be asked to enter the email of the gift recipient which is

Examples of requested reviews:

What Can Change the Nature of a Man

Life is a Strange Journey

About the Writer’s Block:

The Writer’s Block was born when I myself had writer’s block in 2009, a terrible cursed affliction that kept me from writing anything creative. In an effort to keep writing, I decided to make a blog that allowed me to write about whatever I wanted, and that blog was the Writer’s Block. After the success of my Mass Effect 3 ending deconstruction, I now dedicate much of my time to deconstructing other stories, pointing out basic writing techniques, and review the stories of other games, books, movies or TV shows.  However, I’ll also talk about my creative writing efforts here featuring excerpts from my work, as well as the occasional story about my life in general. At all times I try to remain humorous and entertaining, while also trying to be informative, and hopefully I’ve accomplished those goals.

The goal of the Writer’s Block is to have everyone come here and find entertaining, witty, and informative content. I may not always succeed, but I’m always trying.


  1. hey, ive found a game i thought you would love. its called Asura’s Wrath. its a very story driven game with very interesting characters (in my opinion at least) and a very strong plot. i would love to have your opinion on it. i really think you would enjoy analysing and critiquing the game. its quite cheap at the moment so i urge you to pick it up.

          1. Well okay I’m obviously not going to make my before xmas promise. My elite gaming skills have failed me! I think im getting close to the end though, hopefully wont be too much longer =)

  2. Hello! Sorry I don’t know how to get in touch with you so I’ll write it here. How does the whole patron thing work? De you have info somewhere on your site? I’d like you to review a game.

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