Hacking down the door!

Today is a good day to die…no no, that’s not right. Today is a good day to write! For nearly two months I languished under the brutal oppression of writer’s block. It was dark, cold, lonely…and even a little damp for some reason…

"The Shining"
My inner writer...

Yes, it’s been a long dark road for the past two months with only dribs and drabs of intelligent thought oozing through the cracks in the writer’s block.

The Shining
My "Intelligent" Thoughts

But now its as if I’ve walked through a dark tunnel

Or hacked my way through a door...

And emerged into the light. Finally I’ve conquered the block and am now back on top. As cool and collected as Mark Twain.

Go ahead, argue with the man...

So stay tuned for new and hopefully more frequent updates to my blog. Continuing with my current trend of criticizing writers who are published and successful, tomorrow I’ll update my blog with the problems with most TV shows and the writing that drives them. See you tomorrow.

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