Game over, man…Game over!

Its time to close Earth. Pack our bags and head for Mars or Venus. Or anyplace that’s not here! Because our doom is upon us.

Behold, look on the face of our destroyer:

This is the doom of all Mankind...

Watson: A cold calculating construct of circuits. Watson has defeated our best and our brightest in a challenge of willpower and knowledge. That pulse pounding edge-of-your-seat gameshow known as: JEOPARDY!

Watson is an incredibly sophisticated computer that is able to search through a massive collection of information and retrieve the data relevant to the question asked, all within a second or two. Oh sure, I’m sure you could say how amazing this technology is, or how it could revolutionize the world. How we could have the computer from Star Trek running our cities or our homes. But think of this?

Hasn’t that been the plot of every Robots vs Mankind movie ever made? Skynet was supposed to better mankind as well by putting our nukes in the hands of a non-emotional supercomputer, and we all know how that turns out.

Spoiler Warning: It doesn't turn out well...

I mean, after creating a hyper-intelligent supercomputer that can think faster than any human, isn’t this the next logical step:

Yeah, sure today its Jeopardy, tomorrow its the world!

And for those of you calling me a paranoid alarmist: When the machines have taken over the world and using your body like an AA battery I want you to remember one thing –


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