So if you wondering why last week’s post was missing, there’s a simple explanation: I’m a moron.

You see, when I wrote the article on Irony a few weeks ago, I didn’t quite like how it turned out and set it to “Pending Review” so that I could fix it up later and not be embarrassed about people reading a messy article. So I fixed it up. And then I wrote last week’s article.

I’ve been sitting around here for days waiting for someone to comment on one of them.  Even my own mother wasn’t talking about it.

As I was preparing to flee into the wilds of Alaska, armed only with a knife and utter terror, I rechecked the website. It seems I never bothered to uncheck the “pending review” button. So, while the posts showed up for me, to everyone else it looks like nothing has changed.

My bad. You can click the above links to read the articles you may have missed (and you know you want to) or just scroll down.

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