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So following the posting of my Mass Effect 3 posts I actually started getting readers! Which was great, absolutely the best thing that’s happened to me this year, and the year just started. However, I also got something else, something completely unexpected and yet just as wonderful. I got a job offer! And then another!

The first offer was from someone that is currently setting up his own publishing company and centered around launching a unique science fiction universe. I’ve been asked to keep the exact details quiet for the moment, since the website is still under construction and at the moment, there are no books written about this universe. This certain someone though, apparently impressed with my grasp of writing techniques and my breakdown of Mass Effect 3, has asked me to write for him. Whether or not this new franchise turns into something as big as Warhammer 40k or not, the opportunity to help create this huge universe and lay down the foundations for other writers is incredibly exciting.

Now, it’s no secret that I’ve always aspired to become a published author, and I do have several books I have in mind to write eventually. But it’s still a huge confidence booster to have someone, completely unsolicited, ask me to help them write novels for them. As big as this is though, the second job offer is even bigger:

Not quite that big...yet!

For years I’ve had a profile on, where I offered my services as a freelance writer. I’ve been trying to break into becoming a freelance writer for years now, however a lack of confidence on my part as well as my complete lack of any qualifications has kept me from really putting any effort into it. However, encouraged by all of you who wrote in complimenting my article and following my blog, gave me the courage to link my blog in my Elance profile. Suddenly, with clear evidence that I have skills as a writer, I actually started getting job offers. Oh sure the jobs didn’t pay that well, but the fact they were even willing to pay me the slave wages they offer over there was a step up.

More important than the money, however, is that I now know that I do in fact have the skills necessary to become a successful freelance writer. For years I’ve fantasized about being able to make a living with my writing alone. Writers for the most part, excluding the exceptional success stories like Stephen King and JK Rowling, don’t really make that much money. You’d be surprised at how dismally low authors get paid for their work, and that includes short stories and freelance articles for magazines. Freelancers, however, offer their writing services to the highest bidder, like Boba Fett, hunting down the right word and freezing them in a .Doc file.

My Self-Portrait

Elance, however, has a rule against posting links to your websites on their site. Which makes sense I guess. However, now that they’ve royally pissed me off by suspending my account, combined the fact that the people on Elance have absolutely no idea what the value of great writing is (most people seem to want to pay 1/4 of penny per word), I’ve decided to start up my own freelance writing business right here at home. So over the next couple of days you’ll be seeing my site here get updating with information about how to hire me as a freelance writer! So if you happen to run a business that needs its website’s copy rewritten, a brochure created, or any other business where words, and the order in which they are said, are important (AKA all of them), then stay tuned.

Don’t worry, for those of you who just follow me for my reviews and story breakdowns, this blog will still be updated weekly and will all predominantly focused around writing, reviews and basic story telling techniques. This was all just such exciting news for me, that I’d thought I’d share it with the people who helped make it possible! So thanks to all you guys out there that have helped make this blog a success!

Come back next week for a return to your regularly scheduled programming!


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