First of all, many apologies to everyone for being so quiet this last week. My video card decided to burn out last week and left me with only my laptop to work with. Unfortunately my laptop isn’t exactly a powerhouse, and barely has enough memory to run Chrome let alone Microsoft Word. Since I normally have several windows open to research articles I write and take or download pictures, trying to do my blog on the laptop was an exercise in futility and frustration.

Fortunately the great people at EVGA got me a replacement video card and I’m now back and ready to write!

So everyone can now look forward to even more literary critiques by yours truly, as well as a post on the frustrations I’ve had this past month, and an important announcement about the future of my freelance writing career.

So everyone stay tuned, I’m off to fix up my Stargate post with some pretty pictures.

Written by John Stevenson

I'm a freelance writer based out of Seattle, Washington.

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