The One Kickstarter You NEED to Support

Back in August of 2011 I went to go see something at the Historic Everett Theatre. Something amazing, something truly unique. It was called Aeterno Elementum and it was a Heavy Metal Opera. Just what is a Heavy Metal Opera? Well that’s what I asked when I went to go see it, and to this day I don’t think words can really do it justice, you really just have to see it.

And saying no really isn't an option.
And saying no really isn’t an option.

The short version is that Aeterno Elementum combines traditional operatic themes, badass on-stage fights between warriors wearing authentic armor and weapons, great onstage performances that tell a story of death and redemption set to the tune of deep and thrumming Heavy Metal music. I don’t even care that’s a run-on sentence, that’s how good this thing is. The long version is that you can read my original review right here, but seriously, its really good. Ara’Kus Productions, the guys who put this show on, have been continuing to put this show on the past two years since that review and it’s only grown bigger and better since I saw the original show. In fact it has gotten so big and so awesome, that it can no longer be contained. The people over at Ara’Kus have been putting on this show by using their own personal money to fund it, but now the show has grown so much they need help in order finance their upcoming performances in November. This will be the first time putting on a show two-weekends in a row and they’re looking to buy new sound and special effects equipment, new costumes and tons of other improvements.

Ara’Kus is hoping to raise 10,000 dollars to make this showing of Aeterno Elementum the greatest show ever seen on the stage of the Historic Everett Theatre, and if all goes as planned, expanding our performances to include Seattle and hopefully the rest of Washington. And then of course, World Domination.

The Vikings are growing restless...
The Vikings are growing restless…

I know I have a large international audience and you’re probably wondering why you should support a show you’re not even going to get a chance to see. Well first of all, the people of Ara’Kus are all amazing. Jeremiah Johnson is one of the most talented composers I’ve met, he must be because I don’t even like Heavy Metal music and yet I love Jeremiah’s songs. They also have some of the most talented musicians and singers I’ve ever seen and heard, from the beautiful and dazzling Electric Violin player Razz to the menacing baldness of lead guitarist Randy Haines to our elegant lead soprano Vivian, they’re all astonishing. Then there’s the actors, BJ Becker as I mentioned in my original review, has so much talent I don’t know why the guy isn’t on Broadway. Carrole Johnson plays the Demoness, who causes most of the havoc that occurs throughout the play, and she brings an astounding energy with her onto the stage.

And I'm not just talking about the fire she wields.
And I’m not just talking about the fire she wields.

Look I could spend all day talking about these guys, but the bottom line is that these are exceptional people that put their heart and soul into this project, and they need your support.

need your support.

You see when I went to go see that show in August of 2011, I had just been kicked out of college the year before, I was unemployed, depressed and had no idea what the hell I was going to do with myself. I was still writing this blog but it was only being read by my immediate friends and family, and I didn’t actually think I could make a living writing. Then I wrote that review, and Ara’Kus took me up on my offer to help them by writing for them, and that gave me a much needed boost to my self-confidence. I started trying to get work with a freelance writer, I grew more confident in my ability and knowledge as a writer. So when Mass Effect 3 came out Spring of 2012, I had the self-confidence and the practice to create this post which finally gave me the recognition I needed to actually start landing a few jobs.

So what I’m saying is that Ara’Kus is responsible for allowing me to so thoroughly eviscerate Mass Effect 3’s terrible ending. You wouldn’t be reading this blog were it not for them. Help me thank them for all they’ve done for me by helping them achieve the success and recognition they so richly deserve.

Donate right here.

(Or click any of the awesome pictures above, and they’ll take you to the Kickstarter as well!)

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