Merry Christmas

Since Christmas is coming, I’m going to shamelessly reblog this post I made from last year.

The Writer's Block

Oh my, what’s this? It’s December 24th, which means either the Mayans are running a little late or they’ve delivered the most disappointing the apocalypse since… well everyotherdoomsdaypredictionever, really. Now it’s Christmas Eve and that means I get to write all the warm and fuzzy stuff I want, without explanation or apology. For some of my international readers it is already Christmas, so let me first wish them all a very merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

Now onto the main event. I know I usually talk about writing…and that’s exactly whats going to happen. Let’s talk Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.

Undoubtedly the most famous Christmas Story ever written, it is not only an excellent story but a prime example of how a good story can reach people on the most basic level. Prior to Dickens writing this novel, Christmas was a purely religious…

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