New Format!


  1. Hey John, I like the format alot. The only thing that is kinda strange is how the section with content is white with the black outline surrounding it in a C shape, with a shade of grey on the right side (perhaps it is not loading right on my machine?). I really like the organization, however, it is a big improvement. I especially like how the latest is easly found on the left hand side, which is great when I am checking the blog and wanting to see the newest posts.

    1. Mmmm not seeing that on my screen. Would you mind sending me a screenshot? I can forward it on to tech support and see if they have a solution.

      Otherwise glad you like the new format! Yeah I hated the way my old blog was set up, I just couldn’t organize it like I wanted. Fortunately WordPress has made some changes that made it easier since the last time I tried. Your review for Planescape will be coming up this week 😉

  2. My favourite part has to be Shepherd gazing menacingly at users over the menu bar “My name is commander Shepherd and this is favourite site on the internet : STAY!”.

    New format is pretty good. ^^

    1. Awesome. That was originally going to be a place holder, it’s just a blown up version of my Patreon image. But I’m glad you like it! I may end up keeping it now, maybe just tweak it a bit in photoshop to eliminate some of the fuzziness from the zooming in.

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